Rainbow Brite Sprites Inspired 8 Bit Ornament Set

24 USD
Characters Include:

Twink Sprite
Color Assignment: White.
Twink and Rainbow Brite help manage all the colors of the rainbow. Twink was originally red in color. After being thrown into The Pits by Murky Dismal, Twink was drained of all color and turned white.

Romeo Sprite 
Color Assignment: Red.
Red Butler and Romeo team up to maintain the color red throughout the world.

O.J. Sprite
Color Assignment: Orange.
Color Kid Lala Orange and OJ Sprite take care of all things orange.

Spark Sprite
 Color Assignment: Yellow.
Spark Sprite, along with Color Kid Canary Yellow, is charged with helping
maintain yellow in the rainbow of color

Lucky Sprite
Color Assignment: Green.
Lucky Sprite and Patty O'Green aren't green with envy - they're in charge of their
favorite color, green!

Champ Sprite
Color Assignment: Blue.
Champ Sprite is true blue! Along with Buddy Blue, they manage the color blue!

 Assists Tickled Pink in making the morning sky's of Rainbow Land as
colorful and bright as can be.

I.Q. Sprite
 Color Assignment: Violet.
Along with Shy Violet, IQ helps sustain violet throughout the planet.

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